The original is always better than the copy

Bad examples must not be allowed to catch on. This is the warning issued by the "Plagiarius", which protects creative ideas, the original and its manufacturer. On 13 February, Leo Lübke, Managing Partner of COR, accepted the corresponding certificate for the design classic Conseta. The plagiarist, however, will be reprimanded in writing for his unfair practices.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück/Frankfurt, 13.02.2015. "Our brand and our design enjoy recognition and respect," says Leo Lübke, "but unfortunately, exceptions prove the rule. An original like our successful design classic Conseta, which has been around since its inception in 1964 and now has some 800,000 individual elements in circulation, is alluring to some copyists. We register this with aplomb and as evidence of our unmistakable quality and unique design." The manufacturer sees the competition law context with less equanimity. On 13 February 2015, a plagiarist will be reprimanded who has not only taken up the design and system of the Conseta seating furniture, but also copied its visual communication, even including the photographic style. "Copycats stand on shaky ground," explains Leo Lübke. The entrepreneur observes that products in the furniture industry are becoming more and more similar, but any awareness of wrongdoing that might exist is diminishing. "In that respect, the 'Plagiarius' articulates a clear admonition." Once its recipient has been notified in writing following the award ceremony, the management, employees and creators at COR hope for a corresponding signal effect and fair play in the future. It is not only in the movies that pirate copies constitute theft of intellectual property and a violation of rights.

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