What’s in our furniture


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It’s in every one of our furniture products. It’s re- flected in the upholstery fabrics that we make out of the very best raw materials, and in the durable interiors. It’s also evident in the many functional advantages and our unconditional commitment to sustainability. What are we talking about? The passion that we put into making COR furniture.


inspections are performed on every piece of COR furniture during the manufacturing process – and documented on the quality control sheet that every product leaves the factory with


individual upholstery fabrics and leather hides mean 500 different stretch and viscoelastic properties to be taken into account when cutting them to size


departments work on COR furniture between the first process stage and shipment


per cent in-house manufacturing means that we produce and inspect almost everything ourselves


production staff members committed to making perfect furniture

The wood department


The frame is the first part of a sofa to be manufactured. Our joiners make the frames from local, sustainable beech wood to ensure robustly engineered and extremely durable furniture. Once the basic pieces have been cut in the four-sided planer, mortises and tenons are glued together and the frame is left for a few days to set before the serpentine springs are installed by hand. And on the subject of craftsmanship, it isn’t a problem if a customer asks us to make a product like Conseta shorter, longer, higher or wider, or to custom manufacture it to their specifications, because we manufacture almost every- thing – from frame to upholstered cover – ourselves.

The corner joints are slotted and tapped. A truly solid cabinet maker’s joint that is nearly indestructible.

The basic upholstery


Only a compilation of cut foam with different degrees of hardness and density ensures that the upholstered elements remain comfortable and retain their shape for many years to come.

The comfort is not by coincidence. Our furniture are comfortable because of the craftmanship that goes into making them.

The cutting


Good upholstery fabrics don’t come cheap, so our cutters need a good eye and a steady hand. First of all a fabric is selected from our 400-strong collection and checked for accuracy of fit with the individual parts. Then the fabric is cut in the direction of the thread to ensure that when the cover is finished and on the furniture it has a smooth and even appearance.

When we use leather as an upholstery material there’s another consideration. Leather is a natural material and every hide is different, so we can only use certain parts of the hide to make a leather furniture covering. We also use different sections of hide on different models, so our leather experts have to be familiar not only with the material, but also with the entire COR furniture portfolio. Did we mention that people who select the hides at the COR factory have extremely responsible jobs? They per- form meticulous checks, then they select the hides, and then they check again. Leather is an exceptional and very upmarket upholstery material that tends to improve in appearance over the years.

The sewing department


Some three dozen seamstresses are busy in the COR sewing room making each and every furniture cover by hand, and it is thanks to their work that we have our customers. Here in the sewing room the products are also regularly inspected to ensure that seams, zips, channel beads and fabric direction are perfect. The Leather upholstery covers are also punched with air holes to release air when somebody sits down.

Around 500 km of yarn matching the furniture’s cover are worked on every week.

The upholstery department


When the frame is finished and the leather has been cut and sewn together in a several-hour-long process, the furniture is sent to the upholstery workshop to have its final contours created. The upholstery is “married” to the covers and the channel beading – a typical COR detail which simplifies the process of changing the covers.

Feet and skids are mounted and the cushions are put into their covers. Once all that has been done, the furniture product has reached the final furlong of the production process.

Quality inspection


Seven times a COR furniture product undergoes a stringent inspection during the production process. The final inspection takes place just before packaging and shipment. Every sofa, armchair and suite is meticulously checked one last time in a completely assembled state under powerful neon lights (which recreate daylight and mercilessly reveal every imperfection).

According to an old Germanic saying: It’s better to double-check. We believe that checking seven times is even better.