We take everything back.

Why CORever? 

Many pieces of upholstered furniture end up in the rubbish too soon, even if they only have worn covers or sagging upholstery. This is why we have long offered to reupholster and repair old COR furniture in-house. In these cases, please contact a COR dealer in your neighbourhood. As part of our efforts to take even greater responsibility for our products, we are now going one step further and taking back furniture that is to be discarded by its owner in order to refurbish and reuse it, depending on its condition. If there is really nothing left to salvage, we separate and dispose of COR furniture.


How do we go about this? 

If you would like to donate a piece of COR furniture for CORever, please send us some relevant photographs and a brief description of its condition. With the exception of furniture from smoking households, we take back all COR models. A specialist COR dealer in your area will collect the furniture from your home and can then return it to our factory, avoiding any additional CO2 emissions on the return journeys. CORever is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Benelux countries.


What do we want to do?  

Cleaning and refurbishing


If the returned furniture is in good condition, it is professionally cleaned: dirt accumulated over the years is removed, surfaces are repaired, colours are refreshed, and leather is resealed and impregnated.

and reupholstering


Furniture with a worn cover is given a new one. The fabrics and leathers we use come from stock. We also replace defective padding and renew seat cushions.

and overhauling


If the furniture has a technical fault, we will identify the cause and repair the mechanism or part concerned. For example, we can repair faulty folding armrests or adjustable backrests.

and recycling

If the condition of the furniture is such that it cannot be given a second life, we dismantle and recycle it. We ensure that the materials are sorted as well as possible so that they can be transported to the appropriate recycling companies.

Do you have COR furniture to donate? Contact us to find out more. We'll give you details of participating dealers in your area.