Sustainability may be a buzzword these days. But for uns, it is a principle that we’ve been upholding for decades and one of the most important reasons why COR is such a healthy and successful company.

Putting funds, time and effort into the basic and advanced training of our employees, and into employee health programmes, is an investment in our key resources of skills, knowledge and productive capacity. Our planet’s climate and natural environment benefit from the fact that we use our waste wood as fuel for our in-house mini power plant and for heating. The indigenous renewable raw material of wood has far greater ecological significance than fossil fuel such as gas or oil. It helps us to reduce our carbon footprint by around 516,000 kilogrammes every year. And, on a similar note, we never use tropical timber, heavy metals or hazardous propellants.

At the same time, using waste wood to generate heat has a positive impact on our sustainability performance, as do the solar power modules on our factory roof. Manufacturing our products in the high wage country of Germany – which for a while was considered outmoded – pays off because the products are higher quality and more durable, the transportation costs are lower and, ultimately, the customers are more satisfied. Sustainability benefits us, our customers and naturally also our planet.



We take everything back

Durable furniture should be used for as long as possible. That's why we take back old COR furniture and refurbish it for a second life. Our team carefully inspects what needs to be repaired, replaced or refurbished before the recycled items are sold again. In this way, we not only conserve existing resources, but also minimise waste.


Furniture that lasts is one thing. But the way we build it is something else altogether.
For us, sustainability means combining both of these elements. Learn more in COR’s very first sustainability report.


Sustainability Report 2022/2023

PDF (8,9 MB)

Sustainability Report 2020/2021

PDF (5,3 MB)