Milan debut: COR launches a new sofa

Siwa is the name of an oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert. It is also the name of a sofa promising an oasis of calm in the midst of a hectic world. The island sofa was designed by the Altherr Désile Park studio in Spain and realised by seating furniture manufacturer COR. It is being showcased for the first time at the Milan Design Week from 15 to 21 April 2024.

By definition, an oasis is a small area in a desert where water and vegetation can be found. To be more precise, the original ancient Greek meaning of the word is “an inhabited place”: a place to meet, interact, rest, relax and recuperate. These are also aspects that Siwa shares with its namesake. Even the shape of this sofa is nature-inspired. 

Boasting gently curved lines, it is a harmonious and generously-dimensioned seating island with an organic form resembling a water droplet. The upright back also curves inwards, creating a sensual and inviting effect that promises a warm embrace. Seams that are never completely linear and further emphasise the amorphous body are another design highlight. This is not an example of traditional seating furniture, but a piece of lounge furniture with distinctively elegant design attributes. 

“Siwa is a place for socialising. But it’s also a space within a space that has multiple functions: people can read, chat, work or relax here,” said Jeannette Altherr, Delphine Désile and Dennis Park about their design for COR. “Yet the iconic typology is still functional, striking a balance between object and interior,” they continued.

Available as a single, double or multi-seater, the sofa boasts impressive integrative minimalism: low-set, no frills and visually reduced to the essentials. It is a sculptural piece of furniture that breaks up the spatial geometry with its free form and lends it lightness. 

“Siwa is another archetypal sofa addition to our portfolio that reflects modern-day living requirements,” explained Leo Lübke, Managing Partner at COR. “The exciting thing is that no two areas on the seating surface are the same. Seat depth and viewing angle constantly change – depending on where you are sitting,” he added.

The outcome of the first collaboration with Altherr Désile Park is a statement piece that transfers traditional forms of design into the modern age. It makes an artistic statement about aesthetics that focuses on simplicity while at the same time forging a harmonious link between man and nature within the own four walls. 

The temporary COR showroom in the Brera Design District also pays homage to the beauty and organic design language of nature. Immersed in a colour palette of earthy tones, shades of green and soft nuances of light blue, salmon or yellow, the historical apartment has been decorated to reflect the serenity of different natural landscapes. Pictures and objects with elementary motifs complement the display concept and convey a sense of closeness to nature. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors have been used to make this living oasis appear almost infinite, like a mirage, creating the perfect space to slow down and chill out. 


About Altherr Désile Park
The Barcelona-based design studio specialises in product design, creative direction, colour design and ephemeral architecture for internationally recognised design companies. It develops projects with creative concepts that integrate product design and communication. This holistic approach and a strong focus on materials and colours characterise the work of Jeannette Altherr, Delphine Désile and Dennis Park.


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