Nenou, modern archetype and furniture with magic

With Nenou, designer Jörg Boner and COR have together created an architectural furniture concept which produces unconventional living images and new spatial topographies. World premiere: COR Salon, Brera Design District in Milan, 9 to 14 April 2019

The innovative furniture Nenou (a word coined from the Spanish nenúfar, which means water lily) is based on the conceptual idea of using its characteristic leaf-shaped elements in any architectural environment, consciously contrary to convention. The design approach therefore breaks away from traditional furniture genres and classical room definitions for living, sleeping and working. The form and individual design, and to an even greater degree the situational context into which the upholstered furniture is placed, define its functions and applications: easy chair, stool, pouf, table and bench. As in nature, various smaller groups, islands or room-spanning colonies can be built using individual elements. "Again and again, new topographies emerge," says the designer, "like a water-lily carpet or a magical clearing in a forest populated by larger or smaller organic sculptures." Inspired by this, he designed Nenou as a modern archetype.

Radical aesthetics, pleasant to the touch

The furniture sculptures are based on the cone shape with different freeform curves and have almost radial incisions in the middle, like a leaf. The aesthetic design detail, an indentation in the centre of the upholstery, is attractive and functional, as the slight recess of the seat and back surfaces contributes to a comfortable sitting position. The shapely trays made of wood and stone are also positioned precisely at this intersection. The product development accompanied by COR owner Leo Lübke has even led to a "sofa" by the table. In addition to larger freestanding pieces, graceful easy chairs with higher seats have also been created, "not to be confused with a chair", emphasises Boner. In addition to spatial perception, sensual perception should always be interesting and surprising. This requirement is met in the factory by the filigree processing of high-quality materials, with close attention to detail. In the cutting and sewing departments, for example, the finely contrasting edging surrounding the furniture body is created, lending even the contours a three-dimensional effect. Leo Lübke: "Starting with its premiere in Milan, this design will inspire lovers all over the world. Once again it embodies our passion for innovative design, cultivated living and life."

More potential for creative interior design

In recent years, the premium brand has also established itself with contract partners in the soft seating sector thanks to its excellent design and uncompromising manufacturing quality. In collaboration with international design teams, six furniture designs were created in autumn 2017 as completely customisable tools to make the workspace more homely and communicative. The new Nenou range transforms this approach: as a consistent interior design concept for open zones, both in the living context and at workplaces and in semi-public spaces. "Modern architecture built today will divide and assign space less and less, instead offering different forms of free, large spaces," believes Jörg Boner. Moving in this direction, homely colonies and configurations can already be created that structure space for different functional areas. And Nenou might even bring a little magic into play.

Jörg Boner
The internationally active designer Jörg Boner has been designing furniture, lamps and objects for everyday use in his Zurich design studio since 2001. His aesthetic developments question established production methods and conventional perceptions. For him, adopting innovative manufacturing processes is just as important as the beauty and grace of objects. Born in 1968, the designer has received several international awards, including the Swiss Grand Prix Design in 2011.

World premiere: Milan Design Week, 9 to 14 April 2019
COR Salon
Brera Design District: Circo Solferino, Via Solferino 11, 20121 Milan
Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 9 pm
Sunday 10 am to 6 pm


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