Investment in the location, new target groups

In 2016, the premium manufacturer COR invested around 1.5 million euros in its manufacturing plant and the expansion of its international sales force. With ranges such as Trio, Pilotis and Mell Lounge, new target groups were opened up, with the sofa classic Conseta remaining the front-runner. In the export business, Switzerland and the USA showed a positive trend.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 12. January 2017. COR is strengthening its leading position among the traditional German companies and investing continuously in the location and further development of the manufactory into a "lean factory". In the previous year, the COR Haus, the world's largest brand exhibition, was already extended by adding a large specialist exhibition for the contract sector. A total of 1.5 million euros was invested in buildings and technical facilities at the plant in 2016, while sales of contract furniture to the USA and Australia also increased. These investments have already borne fruit: The American market has grown significantly, especially in the contract furniture segment. In Europe, COR achieved its highest export figures in Switzerland in the company's 60-year history. The economic and political situation in Russia and China caused declines in these markets. Overall, the export rate remained slightly lower than in the previous year. The number of contractual partners in retail stores remained constant. "A strong counter-signal to the often cited crisis in the trade," COR owner Leo Lübke affirms.

Wider market penetration also in younger target groups

For 2016 the manufacturer specialising in high-quality upholstered furniture with 220 employees expects total sales of 34,9 million euros, which is slightly below target. After a successfully concluded dispute with an online retailer at the end of 2015, 2016 got off to somewhat quieter start. The volume of orders rose massively over the year, with incoming orders in the seconf half of the year 17 percent higher than in the previous year. Leo Lübke: "This has been one of the most exciting COR years. Strategically we have oriented ourselves to broader market penetration, also with younger target groups. New sofa programmes such as Trio and Mell Lounge, the easy chair Cordia Lounge and the upholstered chair Jalis have contributed as real shooting stars." They are not outrunning the design classic Conseta, but the overall portfolio is perceived as more diversified, more modern and more broadly positioned: The new programmes are becoming increasingly successful in the market. In addition to maintaining the classic portfolio for traditionally oriented customers, younger target groups are also increasingly being drawn and bonded to the brand. Lounge sofas or young design classics with fabric covers offer them both qualitatively and financially attractive entry models.

Front-runners: comfortable upholstery, high-quality fabrics

"Seen in the context of the zeitgeist, 2016 was a cuddly year for seating furniture," sums up Leo Lübke. "Our customers compose it more emotionally, they want to sit comfortably and more softly, to relax and just feel at home." In accordance with this style of furnishing and attitude towards life across all generations, the seating furniture manufacturer from Rheda-Wiedenbrück has registered a stronger preference for fabric covers. Around 400 high-quality textiles from weaving mills and fabric wholesalers are used in the collection. They are available in a wide variety of colours and materials, now also including a large number of 3D-effect fabrics.

New lust for leather

In 2017, the innovative medium-sized company wants to inspire people not only for new easy chair models such as ROC and Flint or for Mell as a modern corner bench of the 21st century. It also seeks to awaken a new desire for the natural material leather. Almost one hundred different types of the precious material from domestic tanneries are available for this purpose. Leo Lübke: "We are starting to shape a new image of leather furniture. It used to be pointedly cool and dominate the room. Today, thanks to gentle surface refinement, it is something for real connoisseurs and has a warmer look and feel." The manufacturer offers a premium collection which can be worked even more aesthetically and economically in the future with the help of the new waterjet cutter. The nubuck Trio sofa in caramel-coloured leather, sealed only with wax, is the beginning – and can be seen at the imm cologne.


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Leo Lübke, Managing Partner
Nonenstraße 12, 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
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