The new models in 2016

How much architecture does seating culture need? Our answer comes in the shape of the new upholstered furniture concepts PILOTIS and TRIO. The easy chair CORDIA LOUNGE and the solid wood table DELTA are also making their debut. Two shelves complement the upholstered programme ELM. And the sofa MELL surprises with new model versions.

No one likes standing in the corner, and less still to be put up against the wall. Why shouldn't upholstered furniture stand in the centre – as the true centrepiece of our lives? We no longer sit on it like a throne, but do exactly what we feel like doing – alone or with friends or family: reading, watching TV, chatting, working on a laptop or just relaxing! The designers at Metrica tackled this task on behalf of COR and created PILOTIS, a surprisingly new seating furniture concept with an architectural periphery that emerges, almost of its own accord, from a variety of round or square side tables, shelf-like spaces and stools. The innovative upholstered furniture concept embraces sumptuous sofa and lounger elements (also with interesting sloping surfaces), upholstered back attachments and cosy back and arm rest cushions. And PILOTIS surprises with filigree metal feet as a base solution, somehow reminiscent of Le Corbusier's pillar constructions. Available in fabric and leather, side tables and shelf spaces in wood or lacquer in custom colours, feet variants in metal.Intelligent seating furniture for an unconventional lifestyle? The first draft (design: team form ag, 1972) was already so forward-looking that its distinctive design with the basic elements measuring approx. 1 metre x 1 metre and typical details such as the double outer seam now also characterise our new TRIO programme. We have brought modern refinement to its interior with a high-quality wooden frame made of beech. Seat heights and seat depths have been adapted to contemporary requirements. Covers can be cleaning or changed more easily thanks to welting. The undersides of the back and arm rests are fitted with special fleece fabric in order to ensure a permanent firm grip on the upholstery when regrouping the furniture. The design principle also remains timelessly modern: The three basic modules (seat element, back and arm rests) are not firmly attached, and a few clicks are sufficient to create any number of new configurations. Awarded the "ICONIC AWARD: Interior Innovation" in the category "Best of Best" 2016 (exhibition parallel to imm cologne in the Kölnischer Kunstverein museum).Executive position occupied with ease: The new CORDIA LOUNGE easy chair is a cosy, laid-back place to sit. It now extends the successful model family of chairs, cocktail and conference easy chairs with a larger, deep lounge chair with a gently supported head section and matching footstool. A voluminous, upholstered seat cushion and a continuous back cushion provide snug comfort. The adjustable tilt mechanism allows for different sitting positions. The comfortable, soft interior contrasts with the slim seat shell that gives the chair its typical, elegant silhouette. Available in fabric and leather. Design: Jehs+LaubCan a table float? For the first time in the model history of COR, an extremely finely finished solid wood table with a slender look has appeared in the form of DELTA, manufactured as unique pieces in lengths of 180 to 280 cm or as a round table with a diameter of 120 cm. The innovative design idea? Petite table legs with outer edges tapering to just 2 cm are inserted into the tabletop by means of a dovetail joint. They provide great stability even with large tabletop dimensions, and the overall design always remains visually delicate. The new table model made in ash, oak and walnut can be combined with all chair models and is a true collector's item, not only from an aesthetic point of view. Design: kräling_lübkeThe MELL collection, consisting of the lines MELL and MELL LOUNGE with upholstered sofas, easy chairs and tables, has also been extended. Jehs+Laub have made the cube-shaped MELL sofa with the soft interior even more comfortable by increasing the back heights of the 2 and 3-seater sofas to 75 cm – ideally proportioned for all owners in real need of support.ELM, the seating furniture inspired by the countries of Scandinavia – or to be more precise, how to "live" with this upholstered furniture – has almost been reinvented by its designers. Taking up the idea of the exposed solid wooden frame, Jehs+Laub have created an accompanying shelf whose elements can be positioned alongside or behind the sofas. Everything required for a pleasant sojourn on the cushions is therefore brought within easy reach. Or a complete living landscape is created that can be composed as a free-standing arrangement in the room. Covers in fabric and leather, exposed wooden frame and shelf elements in oak or walnut. Design: Jehs+Laub

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