COR trainee Jacqueline Duhme best upholsterer 2022

There were two occasions to celebrate for our trainee Jacqueline Duhme. Started at COR in 2019, she completed her training as the best of East Westphalia-Lippe region and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. For the award ceremony in Bielefeld and Wuppertal, she was accompanied by our instructor Susanne Schlenke.

We congratulate very warmly and are happy that she remains part of our team!

With our Second Life programme CORever, we are reinforcing our commitment to the environment and promoting the circular economy. Durable furniture should be used for as long as possible. That's why we take back old COR furniture and refurbish it for…

Same space - new staging! For Milan Design Week, we set up our showroom in the Brera Design District with this year's new products Nook, Shrimp23 and Jalis Club. Our design classic TRIO sofa also travelled to Milan to celebrate its 50th anniversary.