Textile artworks: 13RUGS – special exhibition at COR Haus starting 17. November

The passion for high-quality, innovative textiles has united the manufactories COR Sitzmöbel and rohi stoffe GmbH for half a century. Their current exhibition "Textile Artworks" at COR Haus presents unique carpets from the 13RUGS collection in combination with seating and upholstered furniture "dressed in" rohi.

In these digital times there is a growing need for a sensually designed environment as an expression of one's own personality. COR and rohi are taking up this development in their special exhibition "Textile Artworks", which can be seen at COR Haus from 17 November 2017 to 31 January 2018. The jointly developed exhibition concept features walls, floors and furniture with textile works of art. The handcrafted carpets from the 13RUGS collection float on the walls or freely in the room, with others extending as spacious meanders through the furniture exhibition, lying on platforms or adorning seating landscapes. The colours alternate from black and white to yellow, blue, orange and red; often in colour gradients for which fabric selvedges are used in keeping with the principle of upcycling. Each new model is unique, always containing a pinch of "coincidence". The result cannot be precisely predetermined – as with every work of art.

The fashion and textile designer Lara Wernert and Tina Wendler, co-owner of the southern German wool weaving mill rohi, are responsible for the design and production of 13RUGS. The spectrum of forms in their creations also expresses individuality: ranging from thirteen metre-long, two-part floor paintings to smaller, often organic forms. To correspond with these, sofas, easy chairs, stools and upholstered benches from the COR collection are to be shown. There are different configurations with fabrics from rohi in the special area as well as throughout the entire COR showroom. As individually designed pieces of furniture they create interesting contrasts to the wall and floor carpets, interpreting the theme of the exhibition as sculptures in the room. Woven upholstery covers in 3D fabrics (opera collection by rohi) play an important role in current interior design. Even seating furniture can become a collage by combining these fabrics with smooth textiles, wood or leather. To accompany the exhibition, films and brochures will provide insights into production at both manufacturers who – each in their own way – are committed to textile artworks.

Special exhibition Textile Artworks
17 November 2017 to 31 January 2018
COR Haus, Hauptstr. 74, D-33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am - 5 pm, Sat 10 am - 2 pm

About 13Rugs
The carpet manufactory 13RUGS was founded in 2015 by Tina Wendler, co-owner of the wool weaving mill rohi, and fashion and textile designer Lara Wernert. In artistic handiwork and a specially developed, multi-stage felting process, they use selvedges from rohi's fabric production to create unique, high-quality carpets. The name goes back to the original collection comprising 13 unique pieces. Production takes place exclusively in Germany.



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Lara Wernert and Tina Wendler
Schönlinder Straße 1, 82538 Geretsried, Deutschland
T. +49.(0) 8171. 935492, info@13rugs.com


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The East Westphalian seating furniture manufacturer has continuously reduced its greenhouse gas emissions according to its recently published Sustainability Report 2022/2023. It has also improved its environmental footprint in many other respects.

Sponsored by the German Institute for Service Quality, the DUP UNTERNEHMER magazine and ntv, the award went to the East Westphalian seating furniture manufacturer for first place in the category of recycling with the CORever second-life programme.…