Softer than soft: Moss

Deep relaxation – a state of mind that our sofa design "Moss" has taken as its manifesto. The new upholstered furniture is more than soft to rest on: like a bed made of moss. Premiere imm cologne, 15 to 21 January, Hall 11.3, S10/T11

Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub had neither the easily satisfied softy nor the casual couch potato in mind when it comes to the target groups for the new, extremely soft and spacious COR sofa. Having been briefed by the manufacturer, they envisioned designing a kind of divan for the 21st century. With Moss, a modern piece of seating and resting furniture has been created, almost reclining furniture – and formally it is a further enhancement of upholstery on which you "simply" sit well and comfortably. The design approach is characterised by the greatest possible comfort that upholstered furniture can offer. Realised in an archaic, reduced formal language whose elements and contours appear to be carved out of a monolith, this new development is also a chronological progression of designs such as Nuba or Lava and seeks to renew contemporary seating culture at the same time. However, in typical COR fashion, the new design leads a life of its own. The monolithic body of the furniture is segmented by fine incisions and additionally accentuated by sculpture-like decorative seams (piping). Like the large cushions with their soft, crumpled effect, the side and back sections are also gently rounded off – a design device that creates a modern and somewhat casual and cool overall effect. Another new feature is the abundance and combinations of high-quality materials, including down and padded coverings, that make up the extra-large resting pillow.

Seating comfort at its finest

"The abundance of materials and upholstery which becomes increasingly softer towards the direct seat surface, ending with down, are functionally justified and not a luxurious gimmick," says Managing Partner Leo Lübke. "With Moss we are realising our idea of seating comfort at its finest. Anyone who sits or rests on it should immediately be able to relax, almost to float." The seating furniture manufacturer is thus once again assuming a pioneering role. Meeting the increasing demand for ergonomic comfort by using high-volume materials has so far been a common practice mainly in the premium segment of bed and mattress manufacturers. It takes into account that the flexible adaptability of cushions to body contours and individual weight offers significant benefits for the spine and general well-being.

Drawing on abundant resources

The underframe in the form of delicate metal feet is barely visible, with the foundation of the "floating" furniture body formed by a solid beech wood frame. The ample core upholstery, also on the backrests and armrests, is made of high-quality, high-volume cold foam, and the outer sections of the furniture are additionally softened with a thick layer of wadding. The crowning glory is the down encasements of the seat cushions; the cushions positioned in front of the upholstered back contain only this feather-light natural material. Tailor-made covers in fabric and leather, which are interchangeable, further enhance the high user comfort.

A divan for the 21st century

At imm cologne 2018, Moss will be presented to an international audience for the first time – as the softest, most comfortable model in the entire collection, on which you can sit and recline equally well. COR has further developed the lounge idea into a modern yet very cosy divan. Its cultural history dates back to ancient Persia and the Ottoman Empire, then on to Europe in the Middle Ages and above all to France in the Empire. Around 1820, even Parisian cafés were named after it, with painters and writers gathering in the "Divan Le Peletier" while bohemian ateliers and studios benefited from its dual use as a bed and seating furniture. In Austria, on the threshold to the Orient, the terms sofa and divan are synonymous. How best to use it today is up to you! Whatever you decide, its birthplace is located in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.


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