Small is beautiful

Even smaller upholstered furniture from COR has a large design format and offers a great deal of comfort in a small space. Please take a seat – and change your sitting habits!

In industry, downsizing serves as a principle for saving materials, production processes and costs. The seating furniture manufacturer COR takes a completely different view when it adds new members to existing model families. These smaller formats have the design quality of the larger ones and are just as aesthetic, comfortable and high-quality. "The production effort for such furniture is almost identical, it is not simply 'sized down' or proportionally minimised", explains owner Leo Lübke. The developers have to fiddle about and experiment until a sofa of slimmer proportions achieves the same seating comfort as its adult siblings. The latest and most beautiful example is the only 78 cm deep Pilotis version, a promising offspring of the model family of the same name. Additional foams and filling materials in the right places ensure its softness and the right seat inclination. In the case of lounge sofas or seating landscapes, back and side cushions, as well as upholstered rolls, can further enhance the comfort aspect. This, in turn, has to be maintained immediately in the case of less voluminous upholstery. True to the motto "less is more", the small size designs even open up new areas of application, beginning right at the entrance to an apartment. Please never again speak unlovingly only of the "hallway"; it too is entitled to a homely life of its own. The new Drop upholstered benches and bar stools possibly have even more talent for multitasking, creating small individual comfort zones in apartments with open floor plans, as well as in limited spaces.

Build mobile islands, not continents

Let's be honest, nobody has as much space as they need, with exceptions proving the rule. Flats do not get bigger as they are occupied gradually by more and more people. Studios or apartments do not grow because their owners not only live there, but also work, hold meetings or throw parties. Zones for relaxing or socialising do not require continental dimensions in order to be cosy. If little space is available, the order of the day when furnishing should be not to go wide, but high: Take a counter, a few barstools or chairs, and the hospitable atmosphere comes naturally.

Benchmarks of tranquility

The island principle also works horizontally, just try it out. Small Drop benches, set up in the bedroom or dressing room, are welcome resting places when changing clothes or useful shelves when accessories need to be put aside. Not enough room for chairs, easy chairs or sofas? Drop benches are space-saving alternatives for "re-occupying" functional zones, unused passageways or free spaces. They remain open to all sides, can be set up, regrouped, moved and, if more space is needed, also stacked loosely on top of each other. As always, the best is saved until last: Delicate furniture from COR makes its presence felt in almost any room – even on a grand (living) scale.


On the living topic "Small is beautiful" 

Selection from the COR collection 2020

Sofas: Pilotis (new), Mell, Conseta, Elm
Upholstered benches: Drop (new), Nenou, Mell, Bridge
Individual easy chairs: Pilotis (new), Nenou, Mell, Flint, Avalanche, Quant, Conseta, Cordia



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The East Westphalian seating furniture manufacturer has continuously reduced its greenhouse gas emissions according to its recently published Sustainability Report 2022/2023. It has also improved its environmental footprint in many other respects.

Sponsored by the German Institute for Service Quality, the DUP UNTERNEHMER magazine and ntv, the award went to the East Westphalian seating furniture manufacturer for first place in the category of recycling with the CORever second-life programme.…