New products in 2021

More time at home? The new Farmer Chair provides seating comfort both inside and out. The divan version of the Jalis21 sofa brings a touch of the Orient into the home. Delta in XL format offers plenty of room at the table. And new upholstered loungers and bar chairs enrich life as we know it.

Some call it homing, others cocooning, doing it out of conviction or necessity; one thing is certain: we have become more sedentary again. In 1965, the designer Gerd Lange created the "Farmer Chair", which combines contemporary sedentariness with a love of nature. A simple wooden construction is combined with stretched fabric surfaces to create a piece of furniture that can be used flexibly. The square chairs and tables are assembled according to the plug-in principle. They are just as easy to dismantle and reassemble elsewhere. For future nest builders, the first take-away furniture Made in Germany is being made accessible once again, as COR is reissuing the design classic. You can take the furniture not only to any favourite place, but also (almost) directly from the furniture store of your choice. "Innovative, elementary forms are fundamental to our design, so the collaboration with Gerd Lange was an obvious choice," explains Leo Lübke. COR realises the design in a contemporary, high-quality way using oiled solid wood and textiles, fifty per cent of which are recycled. Just as durable as it is beautiful, the simple, ingenious furniture today allows new forms of sedentariness, roughly along the lines of "plug and play!" It looks fresh in any location, indoors and outdoors. It is modern because it allows itself to be tied down less to times and purposes and more to natural freedom.

Versions: Chair, table, seat cushion optional; materials: natural ash, black, red, the cover fabric is ideally suited for outdoor use as it is extremely lightfast. It consists of 50% recycled polyacrylic and is breathable, water and dirt repellent as well as mould and mildew resistant.

Design Gerd Lange


New down-to-earth sofa comfort - Jalis21

Oriental traditions of sitting and resting were the inspiration for the Jalis sofa programme. The back and seat were created from folded cushions arranged in rows, which were originally arranged on pedestals and optionally connected to storage surfaces. Now the programme has been further developed. Jalis21 with its visually accentuated contours has been given softer upholstery and more volume overall. The divan design of the lush cushion shapes invites you to seek cosy relaxation, less in the distance and more in the home that is close by. Upholstered cushions with armrests on the right or left, corner elements and free-standing stools create easy chairs, sofas or entire lounging landscapes. As if made for listening to tales from the Arabian Nights, which, as we all know, never end.

Versions: Covers in all fabrics and leathers of the COR collection.

Design Jehs+Laub


Delta tables grow with their requirements

Sometimes a table cannot be large or long enough – there are many examples. When people are concentrating on their work or discussions place, plans or games are spread out or food and drinks are served in a large group. Whatever you have in mind, the Delta table now simply grows with you, to over three metres in its longest version. The new sides of its always elegant silhouette unfold the solid wood furniture in the truest sense of the word. If the front section is pulled slightly forwards, a wing-shaped intermediate element unfolds that blends almost invisibly into the overall appearance of the grain – a functional equation with the most beautiful results. If you combine the basic models of 180/200/220 centimetres with the new extension element, the tables grow by one metre respectively to a very respectable 280/300 or 320 centimetres. It is quite possible that you will keep this result and permanently extend life spent at the table.

Solid wood versions: oak, ash, walnut.

Design Kräling Lübke


Closer together: Mell Lounge upholstered couch

So-called love chairs such as Avalanche have wider proportions and allow you to snuggle up together. If you prefer a horizontal position, choose the new upholstered couch from the Mell Lounge sofa range (depth 120 x 190 cm); an additional upholstered cushion increases the seating comfort even more. Now all you have to do is close your eyes and simply dream away the day. This works not only for two, but just as well on your own. The recamier can be used as a stand-alone piece of furniture as well as a complementary component of complete seating and lounging landscapes.

Versions: metal frame, individual feet chrome-plated or lacquered; covers: fabrics or leather from the COR collection.

Design Jehs+Laub


An inspired sense of sitting: Alvo bar chair

Lasting seating comfort and relaxation, even at the counter or bar? For the high art of sitting, the sumptuously upholstered Alvo chair by the designer duo Jehs+Laub has now been further developed and designed as an extremely comfortable bar chair. Corresponding to the fine, slightly springy outer shell, the seat has a metal frame that is as elegant as it is sturdy and is 71/82 cm high. You can then lean back comfortably on a voluminous cushion. Thanks to a triple fold, there is no need for conventional individual cushions for the seat, back and armrests. Anyone thinking of wings is right on the money. Alvo bar chairs can be swivelled and optionally equipped with a return mechanism.

Versions: Plastic seat shell in white/black or preferred colours, metal frame with powder coating in white/black or preferred colours, covers in all fabrics and leathers in the COR collection.

Design Jehs+Laub



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The East Westphalian seating furniture manufacturer has continuously reduced its greenhouse gas emissions according to its recently published Sustainability Report 2022/2023. It has also improved its environmental footprint in many other respects.

Sponsored by the German Institute for Service Quality, the DUP UNTERNEHMER magazine and ntv, the award went to the East Westphalian seating furniture manufacturer for first place in the category of recycling with the CORever second-life programme.…