COR in Germany's smartest property

In Hamburg's new Apartimentum our models show themselves to their very best advantage.

Hamburg's luxury property "Apartimentum" with 45 apartments between 130 and 200 square metres fulfils even the most unusual wishes when it come to the smart home. Builder-owner and operator Lars Hinrichs has equipped the ambitious architectural project with everything that thrills the hearts of technology enthusiasts. The all-pervading desire for state-of-the-art living is realised to the last detail: On request, the design-oriented rental properties for discerning target groups can also be furnished with COR. What is the aesthetic effect of such a residential realm? At the photo shoot in the light-flooded rooms on Hamburg's Mittelweg, the models Jalis, Cordia, Mell, Shrimp and Conseta show themselves to their very best advantage.

Styling: Irina Graewe/Pictures: (c) Apartimentum/COR

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