COR LAB 2018

Making the workspace more liveable! Four design teams have created new furniture for living and working in a new balance. The resulting COR LAB collection will be shown at the imm cologne in a special presentation: COR LAB, Hall 11.03/Stand T12

Experimental from the word go: Instead of a "monocultural" development process, Leo Lübke and the designer Uwe Fischer, who is familiar with COR, agreed on a collaboration project entitled COR LAB. A pool of suitable designers with individual styles was selected and then commissioned to design six different pieces of furniture for contemporary working and living environments. A total of four creative teams, consisting of Büro Uwe Fischer and the newly acquired partners Aust & Amelung, RelvãoKellermann and Pauline Deltour, initially developed their new furniture models independently of each other. Level and Bridge (bench and table), the room divider system Chart, the peripheral furniture Bond, the sofa Floater and the stool elements Drop are fine individual designs. At the same time, they complement each other and work as a complete ensemble. The resulting COR LAB collection is aimed at interior design experts and contract planners. It fosters the fusion of living and working environments with individually designed furniture and sensual materials. The laboratory idea will also serve the future development of comfortable furniture for new areas of application in which people can communicate, work or simply relax. Numerous dealers were already convinced of its success at the preview in the COR brand house in the autumn of 2017.

Pool power: Designers from Frankfurt to Paris and their concepts

Conferences are now being replaced by discussions and workshops. The height-adjustable table Level and the comfortable upholstered bench Bridge were designed for meetings in a creative atmosphere, where having good ideas and momentum is more important than keeping the minutes.
Design: Büro Uwe Fischer, Frankfurt

Modelled on a mobile and functional trolley, Bond has been developed by its designers into an entire a complete family of peripheral furniture. The stylish furniture "to go" acts (also in COR's Living collection) as delicate connecting elements that can be combined with all pieces of furniture.
Design: Aust & Amelung, Kassel

Creating more free zones: The upholstered room divider system Chart merits its own new generic name, as it can be used to configure multifunctional zones without dividing or visually limiting the room with barriers.
Design: RelvãoKellermann, Munich

Sofas and stools are now also making the workspace a more private place. The modular furniture concept Floater with shelf spaces creates comfortable lounges for temporary seating. The stackable stool Drop (with or without castors) and a stackable pouf of the same name are placed by its side as playful, useful tools.
Design: Studio Pauline Deltour, Paris


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The East Westphalian seating furniture manufacturer has continuously reduced its greenhouse gas emissions according to its recently published Sustainability Report 2022/2023. It has also improved its environmental footprint in many other respects.

Sponsored by the German Institute for Service Quality, the DUP UNTERNEHMER magazine and ntv, the award went to the East Westphalian seating furniture manufacturer for first place in the category of recycling with the CORever second-life programme.…