Bond, the new side furniture "to go", design: Aust & Amelung

With a mobile, functional trolley in mind, the designer duo Aust & Amelung developed "Bond", a whole family of filigree peripheral furniture. In the new COR Lab collection they function as connecting links that can be combined with all items of furniture.


"The design language of Bond is graphic and its lines are reminiscent of simple icons," says Miriam Aust, who has been running the joint design studio in Kassel for six years with her life and work partner Sebastian Amelung. "From a functional point of view, it was the idea of a mobile trolley that inspired us." Bearing all this in mind, they designed a rolling service cart, a height-adjustable individual work table, a round, elegant side table and a deeper coffee table. With their design, they have transferred the trolley as a useful tool from the world of travel into the world of living and working. "The zeitgeist is shaped by mobility; today we decide flexibly where we sit, communicate, work or meet," adds Sebastian Amelung. The new peripheral furniture functions similarly to satellites in orbit. Both designers are known for working puristically and systematically, but also for surprising with original ideas. "This playful element appealed to us because it adds another facet to the circle of young design teams," recalls Uwe Fischer, whom the COR Lab has to thank for many key ideas.

In the first design phase, they produced the prototype in their own workshop in the Kassel studio, also as an inspiration for the development of further model variants. All of the four resulting individual pieces of furniture are based on filigree steel tube constructions with handles, rollers or fixed legs, while the shape of the substructures accommodates the antenna-like handles. Depending on the function of the furniture, a tray, a work surface or a table top (circle and oval) is then fitted to the structural base frame. These additive elements are executed as finely processed MDF boards, lacquered or veneered. Leather inserts, bottle holders or interior divisions are added, with the colour scheme allowing limitless individualisation in terms of RAL or special colours. "Less is more, but creatively the greatest challenge", is how the designers characterise their overall approach, which immediately filled them with enthusiasm for the manufacturer's design philosophy. Open for new connections As design partners in the COR Lab, Aust & Amelung primarily geared their designs to the flexible furnishing of collaborative zones and the workspace, but (as with every experiment) not without side effects. "In the living area too, seating furniture, sofas, benches, easy chairs and chairs demand an attractive periphery that can be positioned or rearranged depending on the function. Leo Lübke: "Everything that pleases is allowed. Bond models can be combined with our design classic Conseta as well as with Pauline Deltour's innovative sofa design Floater." As such, it recalls one of the key "laboratory conditions": to cross boundaries and to think not in defined spaces, but in flexible zones that each person can furnish and use according to his or her situational needs.


Brief profile Aust & Amelung

Miriam Aust (33) and Sebastian Amelung (35) are united by more than their design studies with the focus on furniture design and exhibition architecture at the College of Fine Arts in Kassel. They live and work together, and since 2011 they have jointly run the studio Aust & Amelung in Kassel. With the "Vase and Lamp" created as part of her thesis, Miriam Aust won the Grand Prix in the Young Designers section at the Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk in 2010. Both designers were awarded the German Design Prize in Gold in the Newcomer category in 2013. In 2015, they received the "special mention" award for their lamp design "like paper" at the German Design Award. Both are also active as lecturers in the field of higher education and conduct workshops as part of the education campaign "Discover Design" by the Deutsches Design Museum Foundation. 

Clients: COR, Covo srl, domus, documenta und Museum Fridericianum Veranstaltungs-GmbH, dua collection, Science Park Kassel, Stadtmuseum Kassel


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