The new COR catalogues: Brand ambassadors

Print versus digital – a much-discussed topic to which we devote ourselves intensively in the design and communication of our brand world. When you open our new catalogues, there is one thing in particular that we want to achieve: to convey to you an emotional encounter and genuine enjoyment of our seating furniture.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 30 June 2016. The current COR overall collection, including all of the products premièred at imm cologne 2016, can be found in three individually designed product group catalogues: CONSETA, CHAIRS AND TABLES, SOFAS AND EASY CHAIRS. 300 pages showcase the diversity and premium quality of the seating and upholstered furniture, tables and side tables produced in our modern manufacturing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Just how pleasantly and easily you can live with this furniture, you can see in the detailed photos, inspiring perspectives and architectures, material and colour collages, interesting stories and information for each individual model. 

Look and feel

"Print communications and catalogues in particular remain important to us because we can use them innovatively to create an almost multi-sensory design with special elements; a potential which does not exist in this form with digital media," says marketing manager Berthold Strüve. "Look and feel. We want you to take this invitation quite literally. As soon as you open the title page, you can sense COR's refinement in many details as you browse the pages at your leisure and 'touch' our furniture."

Specially selected and individually manufactured paper grades are used for pages and covers to lovingly create a multi-perspective design of pictures and text information, changing scenery and locales, which is both refined and exciting, chapter by chapter, from model to the next. "A genuine COR character has many sides, each one different according to its design, style and architectural context," explains Berthold Strüve. "Storytelling by COR today means devoting oneself in many scenarios to real life which, as we all know, still writes the best 'scripts'."

New imagery for the architectural context

With its new sofa ranges such as PILOTIS and TRIO, or the upholstered furniture ELM with its accompanying shelving system, the seating furniture manufacturer is interpreting a new theme in interior design, referred to by insiders as '360-degree living'. "Sofa landscapes are moving into the centre of the room because they create an actively used lounge zone alongside cosy table and dining areas," confirms Berthold Strüve. This has changed significantly. Seating furniture is no longer merely 'sat upon', but used instead for the most diverse activities: reading, watching TV, surfing the web or working, alone, with family or friends. The model policy is therefore to design not only upholstered furniture, but also a comfortable periphery, creating individual accents, yet maintaining a consistent stylistic idiom throughout. In 2016, an innovative seating furniture concept was created along these lines for the first time: PILOTIS. The new design embraces not only large sofas, but also round and rectangular side tables in different heights and widths, with shelf-like elements on the back and sides, as well as stools. In keeping with the examples in the living collage, the individual elements can be arranged in a manner that best suits their application.

Contributing to multi-sensory branding

"The value of a brand is communicated to the consumer by emotive pictures that it is capable of creating and occupying", says Berthold Strüve. "How does it look, smell, sound and taste? In the same way as our furniture, print products such as catalogues, inserts and brochures appeal to three of our senses: sight, touch, and even the sense of smell."

Our furniture will accompany you through life, both publicly and privately. Living and working, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. And it will open so many beautiful pages in your life story that you ought to know each of them: Take a look inside the new COR catalogues and place yourself in your favourite model!



Design: Factor Design, Photography: Rudolf Schmutz, Styling: Juliane Bennien, Irina Graewe

Please request your personal print copies by sending your shipping address to: marketing@cor.deOn request we will also gladly send you the corresponding PDF files.


Kontakt COR Sitzmöbel

Berthold Strüve, Leitung Marketing
Nonenstraße 12, 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Deutschland
t +49.(0)52 42.41 02-240,

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