Living delight

The pleasure that people experience with beautiful seating and upholstered furniture grows when it is shared with others. In an innovative campaign, COR communicates how this "living delight" then works. - The contract segment is also developing positively in 2016 with new international projects in the US and Asia.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 9 May 2016. "Spring begins with an astronomical phenomenon: the equinox. At this point in time, day and night are of equal duration. Happy the man or woman who now has a sofa on whose gently rounded cushions they can either sit or lie." In the coming weeks, around three million readers can see for themselves how much truth there is in this promise. All you have to do is open "Living Delight"! Our high-quality loose insert for daily or weekly newspapers and consumer magazines also serves as a flyer. The publication communicates new products like the CORDIA LOUNGE chair and the element programme TRIO, as well as current design editions such as MELL LOUNGE and JALIS (chairs).

Fresh pastel and natural shades, pink or yellow lend the models a look inspired by spring and summer. Emotionally photographed environments awaken a desire to bring even more sun and warmth into the house with the new seating furniture. "The print campaign support activities at the POS with selected models at special conditions,"1 explains Head of Marketing Berthold Strüve. Dealers share in these pleasures: So far 250 furniture stores have joined the campaign, and there is no end in sight.

COR gets things moving

The 2016 marketing programme, the new brochure, more campaign motifs for print and online, exhibitions, banners and displays all send a signal: COR gets things moving – with versatile furniture that is both modern and comfortable. It conveys precisely the cosiness that you want to feel in your own four walls. As you know, these are furnished as individually as the life models lived within them – in apartments, residential communities, large or small families.

Fresh boost in brand communication

Interactive inspiration for a new sense of living is just a click away: The new website at is fresh, lively and modern. The appealing screen design, clear typography and distinctive living worlds are not only designed to activate couch surfers or pen pushers. Those who have recently flown the coop also keep the new COR world on their radar at all times on their smartphones and tablets. "A challenging project involving a great deal of thought and effort," remarks Berthold Strüve. The complex website underwent a long fine-tuning process with the agencies Factor Design and Framework. The purpose of the website is not only to provide information, but also to emotionalise and to meet the specific needs of consumers and professionals.

International success in the contract segment

Following Dublin and Chicago, the New York location of the US company Google is now also to be furnished. Innovative, customised configurations of SCOPE sofas and tables will be produced and delivered in accordance with the specifications of the international architectural firm HLW ( The creative planning concept embraces custom-built models for the AFFAIR programme created specially for the contract segment, in which custom-designed backrests attain a special appearance and functionality (128 cm high instead of 65.5 cm). Newly acquired customers also include global players such as LinkedIn and IBM.

The luxurious "Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser" apartments in Singapore, planned by Mercedes-Benz Style and the interior specialists at JOI Design Hamburg, have just been completed. The futuristic lounge chairs from the SHRIMP collection were chosen for this project. With megacity Beijing, yet another destination was has been opened up in the future market of China: The world's largest "Mercedes Me Store" opened at the beginning of April is already the talk of the town. Guests can dine there comfortably in a stylish restaurant which is furnished entirely with ROC chairs.

In order to develop new target markets overseas, the specialist team has been strengthened by an experienced industry representative: Toby Read (42) is now responsible for the contract segment in Australia and New Zealand. The region is known by many as "down under" because it lies below the equator. For us as an international manufacturer's brand, it has very high priority.

Contact COR Sitzmöbel
Berthold Strüve, Head of Marketing
Nonenstraße 12, 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
t +49.(0)52 42.41 02-240,

1 Living Delight runs until 31 December 2016: The action "Mell Lounge" embraces a generous sofa combination with fabric cover from 6,900 euros. Under the motto 5 + 1, JALIS chairs enter the house in fabric or leather, including one free chair, as a homely "six-pack".

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