Innovations and further developments at ORGATEC 2016

Comfortable, functional and architecturally oriented: With the new office chair Cordia Plus as well as the enhancements to the Affair and Scope ranges, COR Sitzmöbel presents flexible concepts to give your workspace a homely feel. Premiere: Orgatec 2016, 25 to 29 October, Hall 10.2/Stand Q10/P11


‘New visions of work’ is the slogan for this year's Orgatec. COR Sitzmöbel communicates this idea in its designs for a comfortable workspace and communicative lounge areas. These are equipped with multi-purpose upholstered furniture, easy chairs and chairs designed specifically for the contract sector and made by hand in a modern manufacturing facility. The focal points of the trade fair presentation are the new Cordia Plus (office chair) as well as several new features of the modular furniture ranges Affair and Scope.

Cordia, the office chair with an extra plus

The Cordia family (easy chairs and chairs) has gained some extra members just in time for the Orgatec. With Cordia Plus it now provides two new office chair variants and a variety of design options: starting with the coverings, which offer options of contrasting colours and materials for the inner and outer covers to create a particular accent or mood. For increased comfort, the new models now offer wider seat areas and an additional armrest surface with increased padding, as on the upper part of the backrest. The backrest height is 101 cm for the office and conference area, but an executive chair variant with a back height of 128 cm is also available. Both models offer a weight-dependent adjustable tilt mechanism on the centre column and several different frame variants (centre column with four or five feet, castors or glides). With this contract furniture, designers Jehs+Laub have also achieved an elegant, very modern-looking silhouette. Cordia Plus takes into account ergonomic requirements for different physiognomies without imparting a bulky and "typical office" appearance. Versions: Covers in fabric and leather, accented by contrasting with individual furniture elements, frames in matt or polished aluminium and lacquer colours. 

Affair with consequences

The modular upholstered furniture system Affair can now also be ordered with high back modules (128 cm). Vertical design elements supplement the existing modules; the previous model includes basic modules either without backs or with a back height of 68.5 cm. The new upholstery elements and the base height of 4.5 cm mean that seat heights of 47 cm are now achievable. So Affair can be used for meeting and lounge areas, or for all seated dining or working areas where a table is present. "The high elements have been created in order to be able to divide rooms more clearly," explains designer Uwe Fischer. "They combine to create enclosed pods, quiet zones or room dividers and offer planners more design options." The new modules are functionally usable from both sides. The user sits enclosed on the inside, able to focus on working or discussions. On the outside, the rear shelving units, used throughout or partially, turn the back area into a counter area, which can be extended by using barstools. The new panels can be supplied in individual colours and invisibly mounted. A practical interior hook allows the hanging of jackets, bags or other paraphernalia. "And the DNA of the basic design still remains unchanged," adds Uwe Fischer. "These further developments are based on suggestions from users who work with the furniture. COR wants to continue to offer them more design perspectives. The modular design concept of Affair allows precisely that." Versions: Individual design plus accentuation of individual sections; in fabric and leather; MDF storage panels in lacquer colours.

Functional enhancements for Scope

Unlike Affair with its linear space creators and enclosures, the upholstered furniture range Scope, with its top sections of different heights, is vertically oriented from the outset. "Scope is not cosy, it makes a bold statement in the room," says designer Uwe Fischer. "The system concept is less visible. Each individual element, each chair also functions on its own." Depending on the room and function, these items combine to form groups of seats or room-in-room solutions, and they can be re-arranged just as effortlessly. A new connector system on the underside facilitates the connection or separation of elements without the need for tools. New configurations are possible at any time and need not be taken into account during planning. The table element has also been modified; a more robust construction now also allows sitting, and the storage area on the second level has been increased. Tabletops are now available with powder coating and are therefore more resistant to scratches or traces of use. Covers are available in all fabric and leather variants from the COR collection, the table element is available as a lacquered or veneered version.

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