German-Austrian = international living pleasure

Look forward to the COR and interlübke collection for Wohnen & Interieur 2016, Exhibitor: COR interlübke Studio Vienna! At the exclusive Viennese "COR interlübke Studio" the manager Reiner B. Mortensen demonstrates how well seating and upholstered furniture from COR can be combined with the living room and bedroom furniture from interlübke. With the new releases of both brands he is presenting international elective affinity in interior design at this year's trade fair "Wohnen & Interieur" from 5 to 13 March – genuine living pleasure, and not limited to the spring.

Just back from their debut in front of international premiere guests at imm cologne, the new models are presenting themselves as inspiration for new living pleasure in Austria. In their distinctive COR and interlübke design they are both beautiful and versatile. This is just one of the reasons for showing the brands together in exclusive studios, although they both exist independently from each other. It is then down to the applied home design artistry of a studio owner such as Reiner B. Mortensen to develop ideal exhibition concepts for the location (shown continuously at Tuchlauben 21 in Vienna) or to create very special attractions for a trade fair highlight such as "Wohnen & Interieur 2016".

As a tribute to the city of Vienna, the temporary showroom encourages visitors to the trade fair to live an urban lifestyle with a personal touch. For example, interlübke's design classic studimo is presented as a modern, architecture-oriented shelf configuration alongside the new upholstered furniture range pilotis, whose design is somewhat reminiscent of Le Corbusier. The new CORDIA easy chair (cover materials taken from the also new COR leather collection) flanks a filigree bureau from the mell programme by interlübke, typified by the delicate detailing and elegant lines in the overall design. These are also to be found in a mell sideboard, which serves as a room divider. Its softly shimmering, seashell-coloured lacquer surfaces are highlighted by a customised plate in cracked oak. The new modular upholstered furniture range TRIO, emphatically graphic in black and white, then transports visitors to the city of Tokyo. Ever-varying, new seating and reclining landscapes are created using just three basic elements. Or do you favour sunshine and therefore yellow for your living pleasure? Speaking of which: If you favour profit, you can also opt for JALIS and the 5+1 campaign. When purchasing six upholstered chairs, one comes free of charge as a "spring bouquet". And those who are quick off the mark are looking forward to the sideboard program mell TIME. The white storage furniture in various modules is delivered to your home from the interlübke factory only 14 days after receipt of the order. After all this inspiration and new living pleasure you might feel inclined to recline in a relaxation zone. Reiner B. Mortensen and his team have one ready for you – the comfortable design classic SINUS with spring steel skids, this time all "pretty in black".

Wohnen & Interieur, 05. bis 13. März 2016, Messeplatz 1, Wien

Exhibitor: COR interlübke Studio Vienna, in Hall D, Messe Wien
Manufacturers: COR Sitzmöbel Helmut Lübke GmbH & Co. KG; interlübke/Lübke GmbH

Contact COR interlübke studio GmbH

Reiner B. Mortensen
Tuchlauben 21
A-1010 Wien
T. +43(0)1 532 0702

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COR Sitzmöbel Helmut Lübke GmbH & Co. KG
COR Sitzmöbel Helmut Lübke GmbH & Co. KG
Berthold Strüve, Leitung Marketing
Nonenstr. 12, 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
Tel. +49.(0) 5242.4102-240
Fax +49.(0) 5242.4102-940

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