Early birds with a wide range

COR celebrates 60th anniversary in 2014 – Positive interim balance – Founding idea continues to bear fruit – Unmistakable identity, long-lasting product cycles, continuous proof of origin

Among the owner-managed medium-sized enterprises, the seating furniture manufacturer COR, founded in 1954, has acquired an international reputation due to its pioneering achievements in design and its continued commitment to premium quality and the production location Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Specific sales and marketing activities with the spotlight on the design classic CONSETA are being received more than positively in the market. Accumulated in the first eight months, the company has posted an increase in incoming orders of 18 percent compared to 2013. Sales have grown by 9.6 percent in 2014 so far, with an export share of 22.2 percent. The most recent international successes include outfittings for the British Library in London, Motorola Mobility in Chicago, BNP Bank Paribas in New York and the Business & Conference Centre at Schiphol Airport. Owner Leo Lübke: "We have a long tradition as early birds, starting with our first managing director, my father Helmut Lübke, who was declared to be of legal age at 18 in order to take over the management. COR's founding idea has borne fruit ever since and continues to do so. We want to continue connecting with design enthusiasts and to reach new generations in the future. To do so, we focus on innovations, long-lasting product cycles, an unmistakable identity and continuous proof of origin."

COR's success story – typically German?

German design is regarded as leading in the fields quality, engineering and precision. Leo Lübke: "We do not build machines, but beautiful and competitive furniture, and this is precisely why we concern ourselves intensively with their design, functionality, comfort and wear capacity." As in 2012, COR was rewarded once again this year with the 15th ranking among the leading German luxury brands. "The fact that manufacturers of watches, cars, home electronics and kitchen furniture are slightly further up the rankings does not bother us. We are pleased at the hint of luxury, and even more by achieving this market perception with seating furniture which has aspired to one thing for 60 years: being unmistakably COR and hence a combination of design, readiness to innovate and quality."

Remarkable loyalty

The seating furniture manufactory with 221 employees, including 10 trainees, is considered unique in the industry. It remains an economically independent company which has had only two managing directors in its history and has been managed by Leo Lübke since 1995. On average, a CORian stays with the company for 16 years. One of the long-timers, now with the company for 48 years, is commercial director Helmut Mangel, surpassed only by Friedel Ortkraß from the development department (50 years at COR). Both joined the company as apprentices. Leo Lübke: "Our employees produce exemplary achievements. This also applies to our apprentices, some of whom even attain state and national champion status state in their CIC exams." The business is operated as a "family" with a sophisticated product culture and a committed corporate culture. Its members also include the designers whose creations have in some cases shaped the brand for years. "The fact that our furniture and our corporate design continuously receive accolades and awards is a joint success," says Leo Lübke.

Goal achieved – exceptions prove the rule

Dirk-Uwe Klaas, general manager of the Association of the German Furniture Industry, recently declared that every company has the means to bring about a positive development, and he also underlined the importance of products being "made in Germany" and the renaissance of domestic production locations. As a medium-sized furniture producer, COR meets these requirements in its own way. The modern manufacturing business is characterised by fully integrated production with high capacity utilisation at the site in East Westphalia. Approx. 120 seating units are manufactured per day on an make-to-order basis. Six to eight weeks after an order is received, the finished seating or upholstered furniture is delivered to its new owner – in 54 countries around the world. These services have a tradition and remain competitive because they are developed and improved continuously. Leo Lübke: "Some complain about the loss of values, frequent changes in management, demotivated staff, changing product or price policies. We have also experienced changeable times in the past, but never an identity crisis." The COR family is proud of creating not only economic success, but also together with the designers a typical, unmistakable design which is recognised all over the world. Leo Lübke: "When people ask what is so typically 'German' about us, there is one thing in particular: Our inner values correspond to the beautiful outer values in every way."In 1954, the corporate idea of Leo Lübke Sr. sounded almost prophetic, and certainly logical and simple. "People who sit on chairs today will sit on upholstered furniture in the future. In addition, upholstered furniture is subject to wear and tear, so the industry has a future." In principle, this plan has produced the 60-year-old result: "COR seating furniture". Only one thing has not worked to plan: building furniture that wears out quickly. Very much to the delight of markets and enthusiasts all over the world.

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