The construction of casualness


8 pieces of wood, 4 square rods, 2 fabric panels. All built strictly at right angles. The fabric panels are laid crosswise. 2 metal clamps. Done. The first phenomenon is that such minimalist components when put together produce such a laid-back piece of furniture. The second is that it looks as if it has just been created. Designer Gerd Lange came up with the identical predecessor of the Farmer chair back in 1965.

While the seating furniture used to adorn mainly the patios of artistic bohemians, today it can be used everywhere. Whether in the waiting area of a young start-up company, in a private living room or outdoors*. Incidentally, this is not because Farmer adapts to its surroundings – on the contrary, the surroundings complement Farmer the way a gallery complements a work of art.

*currently not available for the UK markets.


Despite the minimalist design, every detail has been lovingly thought through. Like the lapping of the solid wooden planks, the backrest that can be freely moved forwards and backwards and tilted, or the highly resilient and quick-drying outdoor fabric that is stretched using cords.


Interview with designer Gerd Lange and COR owner Leo Lübke

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A manifesto of longevity


Not only the style is designed to last, but also the material: solid wood oiled through and through.

DIY from the days when DIY did not yet exist


Connect the slats, pull the cover tight, finished. At the time, the modular principle of Gerd Lange’s design was ground-breaking. And so simple and playful that any layman could assemble their very own Farmer easily, almost playfully – both then and now.

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Click here for the Video instruction for the Farmer table 



Which is yours?

3 frames x 5 materials = 15 possibilities

Black, red, wood


The square Farmer table is available in 3 colour variations, each of which matches the 5 configurations of the Farmer chairs. At 65 x 65 cm, it offers the perfect surface area. While nonchalantly creating a pleasant distance to the neighbouring seat.





Would you like to learn more? Here you will find all the product information and specifications including dimensions, types and variants.