INTERIOR DESIGN  Vocon., New York City
PHOTOGRAPHER Matthew Carbone

Compass is a technology-driven real estate company that helps people find their dream home. Compass hired architectural and design firm Vocon to design the interior of their NYC headquarters in Union Square.

Compass sought a design strategy that would create a multi-functional space positioned to accommodate brokers and staff, activities, internal meetings and formal events. Compass wanted an office that was visually open and with diverse environments that would foster work, collaboration and creativity. The Vocon design team achieved this goal by striking a balance of different spaces. Specifically, the Vocon team designed a series of interlocking zones that include a central collaboration zone, interconnecting stairs, a work cafe, and ancillary coffee bars. The central collaboration zone, centered in the open office environment, provides a spatial break that visually enhances the open office while providing teams with refuge spaces for both private and group collaboration.