From the carefully considered idea to the design icon.

Not everything that appears new and completely different has what it takes to become a perennial classic. Many items of furniture and utility objects that were initially celebrated as breaking new ground vanished without a trace just a short time later. Yet they do exist. Those special things that make all the difference. Objects that everyone is familiar with but have nevertheless been inspiring enthusiasm for decades.

Design originals embody the essence of their time yet are so timelessly beautiful that we want to surround ourselves with them for the rest of our days. Despite their renown, they remain the unsung heroes of everyday life. But what do they have that other items don’t? Is it their striking form? Their unique function? The way they blend elegantly with their surroundings? It is rather the essence of many characteristics that makes originals what they are.



„Without entrepreneurial courage there would be no Conseta!“

Leo Lübke

Often copied, never equalled: genuine design original


Whether as an individual highlight or combined with other eye-catchers – design originals lend style and a highly personal living history to every interior. While other pieces of furniture and accessories come and go, these show character and give us security, support and peace of mind in our fast-moving times.

Innovative for decades: The Tolomeo desk lamp

Conseta: Timeless and individual for generations

Tara: The icon among fittings

The E2 switch programme is being pushed all over the world.

Pleasant to the touch: The look and feel of the 111 door handle is impressive. 



Clear-cut design from the Bauhaus era: The tubular steel cantilever chair



All-rounder: The system makes individual visions come true.



FK shell chair: The embodiment of minimalism



Norman Kietzmann, Design Editor

„Originals are part of a collective memory.“

An original is unmistakable. At the time it is created, it does more than just use an existing typology. It also establishes its own unique typology by using new materials, manufacturing techniques or designs.

Direct and straightforward

Originals are ahead of their time. That is why they never look dated despite the passing of time. They rise above all things temporal. This is due to their intrinsic logic: their design is coherent. It is clearly readable and goes right to the heart of the product’s advantages. Originals are by all means clear-cut. They do not waste time on small talk. In this respect, their external appearance is anything but superficial. They give an insight into the inner life of objects. They reveal their essence.

Accessible language

Originals are universal. They are not solutions for specific locations. They function in different cultures, countries and environments because their form is generic; this elevates them to a superior level. Originals speak a global language. This is exactly why, over time, they become ingrained as archetypes in the conscious mind. They become part of a collective memory.

Expert dialogue with Thomas Tuma at imm cologne 2020

The initiative for genuine design originals was launched in January to great public effect at the leading international trade fair imm cologne. In front of an audience of more than 100 people representing the fields of architecture, interior design and contract planning, Thomas Tuma, Editor-in-Chief of Handelsblatt Magazin, spoke with Norman Kietzmann (Design Editor), managing directors and creative heads of the eight brand partners about questions such as: What makes an original so unmistakable? Why does it survive every short-lived trend? What is the situation with regard to knock-offs?



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