At home everywhere

Thanks to its modular system, Trio is not only just as adaptable as the people who live with it, but is also perfectly at home in the most stylistically diverse settings: whether in a minimalist micro apartment in Tokyo, a light-filled loft in Copenhagen, or in the sensuous and colourful opulence of a domicile in Marrakech: Trio’s simple shapes can be laid out in any imaginable combination, and will always blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Material code und colour code: Japanese paper, colour chart (Pantone), fabric collection (COR)


Loud colours, brashness and “bling” are uncommon in Scandinavian design. Instead, we find clear lines, simple shapes and practical solutions.

Admittedly, at first this might sound a little plain, were it not for the warm, natural materials and the sense of brightness and space in the rooms. The long, dark northern winters have spawned not only passionate distillers, but also a design style that seems to personally welcome each and every ray of sunshine into the house.

Dark grey bowl (KH Würtz,

Cups: „Arne Jacobsen’s Vintage ABC - The Classic Collection“ (Design Letters)

The austere beauty of the Scandinavian landscape shows how a lot can be made from a little. Here a small fleck of colour, there a subtle detail — and always so timeless that everything can be combined.

Mobile: „Tango black“ (Flensted Mobiles)

Print by Berit Mogensen Lopez

Floor lamp: Arne Jacobsen „AJ F“ (Louis Poulsen)

Footwear: “Louis low white” (Rockamora)

It is this combination of focused minimalism, vibrant sensuousness and timeless flexibility which also defines the Trio seating furniture.

Vase: “Unika”(Tortus-Copenhagen)

Trio sofa covered with a 100% pure new wool fabric with exceptionally soft feel.

Trio is not brash, show-off furniture, but furniture which fits every situation.

Which is practical, for when people move in together and combine their belongings. Or for when they move out. Or for when children arrive. Or for when they leave home. In other words, for when life is like life is. This is precisely why Trio is made to adapt to our lives. And not the other way round.

Material code und colour code: Japanese paper, colour chart (Pantone), fabric collection (COR)


Artistically raked gardens, silent sliding roomdividers, meditative simplicity . . . Thoughts of Japanese living invariably conjure up such images in our mind’s eye.

But Japan, at least in large cities such as Tokyo, can also be the exact opposite. Nowhere else is life as fast and chaotic as here. And nowhere else do so many people live in such confined mini or even micro apartments.

Scissors, brushes: vintage finds

Luminaire: ‘Muffin’ (Brokis), vase: design Milia Seyppel (Karakter Copenhagen), cube, bowl: vintage finds

Footwear: vintage finds

Above all, living in Tokyo means one thing — creating simple, multifunctional and unconventional solutions to bring calm into the chaos of everyday life.

Table: ‘Marabu’ (COR)

Trio sofa: element 1,5 metre with corner back 1 metre, fabric: 8120

Dark wooden bowl (Ernst Gamperl)

Vase: Design Milia Seyppel (Karakter Copenhagen)

Trio element combination: 2 x 1,5 metre element with corner back, fabric: 8120


Its understated shapes are as easy on the eye as they are for your body. And ultimately the price will give you great peace of mind. Scandinavian design has come full circle with the maxim that good design should be affordable for everyone. The Japanese surely would not disagree.

Material code and colour code: clay tiles, postcards (Pantone), fabric collection (COR)



Throughout history, the red desert city of Marrakech has left its visitors spellbound. Not only did Sinbad the Sailor supposedly cavort here, but Churchill, Hitchcock, Warhol, The Rolling Stones and Yves Saint Laurent also made the pilgrimage to “Africa’s Paris” to get inspiration. And even today the royal city at the foot of the High Atlas is a magnet for the international who’s who.

Plate and stone: vintage finds, beaker “Clay Service” (Atelier NL)

Carpet: vintage find

Trio sofa landscape in fabric 8140

No wonder, because Marrakech is a medina of the senses — a shimmering mosaic of colours and shapes, fabrics and fragrances, stories and secrets.

Plate: “Clay Service” (Atelier NL), jug: vintage find

Trio sofa: element 3 metre with corner back 2 meter, fabric: 8140

Tea table: vintage find

Trio: element 1,5 metre with corner back in fabric 8140

Trio, with all its simplicity, is a piece of furniture that enchants the senses. Firstly, it looks beguiling in any colour. Whether in baked clay red, sunny saffron yellow, or in bright Majorelle blue.

Secondly, you can feel the meticulous attention to detail in the furniture’s finish with the tips of your fingers.

Trio sofa landscape in fabric 8140 and Jalis side tables

Thirdly, Trio is so comfortable to sit and lie on that you could easily spend 1001 nights on it. And fourthly, it’s so spacious, there’s room for a whole harem.

If you then want to pamper your senses some more, make yourself a sweet mint tea, light a few scented candles and fill your home with traditional Moroccan Chaabi music. Fabulous.