Designing means
keeping your eye
on the ball.

Professor Uwe Fischer on roundness and the feeling of luxury under the fingertips

Prof. Uwe Fischer
Designer (Roc, Affair, Scope by COR)

Dear Mr Fischer, round furniture is quite a challenge, isn’t it?

No, not really. There are so round tables, even the earth is as round as a ball.

Like design itself ...

... exactly. The ball always has something to do with dialogue, with throwing and catching, it’s almost a philosophical game of give and take.

That’s a novel way of explaining design! How did the ball get rolling with Roc?

It had not been finally decided what the chair should be. It was not supposed to be just a seat for the dining table, bistro or office. And that’s exactly what interests me: objects that can be both one thing and another.

Roc chairs

Roc chair

Prof. Uwe Fischer
Designer (Roc, Affair, Scope by COR)

Nevertheless, the result is a chair full of character. What challenges were involved?

One can sit on many things. The challenge here was to design a chair that consists of few parts, while still providing comfort. This is achieved through the sweeping backrest, which rounds off generously at the front. That is luxury, not just for the hands. The chair snuggles up to the body. The embrace is a very pleasant gesture for me, something very comforting. The form itself already communicates the feeling of comfort.

Roc chair

Prof. Uwe Fischer
Designer (Roc, Affair, Scope by COR)

You built models and calculated the finer points using CAD.

Design requires precision. I always try to be very accurate when coordinating the elements, their proportions, functions and tasks. The circular seat and legs are reduced to the essentials, the backrest, however, offers more: formal richness. As far as the geometry is concerned, there is very little in this chair that is random.

Eine ziemlich runde Sache also ...

Das ist wie beim Rad, das man eigentlich nicht neu erfinden kann, und doch entstehen immer neue Stühle. Hier ist es ein gepolsterter aus wenigen Teilen: kreisrunder Hocker, vier Beine, und darum schmiegt sich eine Rückenlehne. So einfach ist das.