Model upgrading – an unknown entity?

The reason why designs from COR stay as fresh as a daisy is not a question of beauty tricks. We have complete care lines for that.


Anyone who uses an elderly vehicle today (apart from classic cars) almost has to apologise for it. Such loyalty rarely results in pride of ownership. The more obvious approach is to turn the proverbial necessity into a virtue. With our furniture, the exact opposite is true. Firstly, our design remains innovative because it is timeless. Some even say it stands above time. Secondly, it is not superseded shortly after its release by a successor that has even more stylish gadgets. A piece of seating or upholstered furniture from our "stable" cannot be a cockpit. It will not make its owner a commander, no matter how media-savvy he or she may be. The "must have" feeling that should occur upon seeing our furniture consists simply of wanting to live with it happily for a long time, of seeing and feeling its beauty anew every day. We go to considerable lengths to provide this authentic product experience.

How to perpetuate good design

So much is said so often about the evolutionary history of classics that we prefer to dispense with it. Although there would be plenty to say about the likes of Sinus, Swing or the famous sofa Conseta. We would rather focus on a case like Fino. A simple, high-quality upholstered chair with a shaped wooden seat shell designed by Holger Janke, which first came on to the market in 1999. (By the way, a good chair is one of the assets to which every manufacturer of a competitive collection aspires.)In 2015 we are showing Fino in a form that seems like a new design. To do so, we have modified (only) the characteristic design of the seat shell with its continuous, gently curved armrests. An increased foam proportion in the seating area and the tapered back guarantee lasting seating pleasure. This version for the years to come is invitingly light. Softer lines also make it possible to integrate the seating furniture in the dining area. Various subframe versions such as a rotating, height-adjustable pedestal, facilitate use at the conference table or workplace. Other variants are a filigree wire frame or variations in wood.

Care line with the soft touch

At COR, a word like "trend" is practically banned. From the outset, what interests us is the future. Each new design must prove to be sustainable. Mell, presented for the first time in 2013as a range of upholstered furniture with sofas and easy chairs in cubic form, accomplished this immediately. Predestined for private residential use, the model variant Mell Lounge, softer on the inside and more luxuriously upholstered, was launched in the same year. For 2015, we have developed another version with the designers Jehs + Laub – with individual or continuous seat cushions, as a cosy counterpart to the more stringent exterior surfaces. Why? Sitting correctly is passé. We would rather lean back comfortably, change positions or simply stretch out. We were therefore more than happy to comply with the desire for a real "cuddly cushion".

No anti-ageing complex

A pioneering design, followed by a sustained and intelligent model upgrade – this is the formula we believe in. We apply it because high-quality new furniture takes time to find enthusiasts and to develop a market. It will be released, i.e. available in specialist stores, only a few months after its trade fair debut. Its effect will then unfold lastingly, in many small steps. We will observe this process carefully, taking the praise and criticism of dealers and consumers into consideration. Factors like these are also "inCORporated".We continue to develop what is good when the potential exists and the time is ripe. We produce with care, not under the pressure to trigger avalanches of new products every year. We give you and our furniture time: in a careful development phase to ensure appropriate positioning and continuous sales growth. A manufacturer that cherishes and cares for its models is untroubled by anti-ageing complexes. We would be delighted if you were to follow this line.

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