Jalis21 - new down-to-earth sofa comfort

Oriental traditions of sitting and resting were the inspiration for the Jalis sofa programme. The back and seat were created from folded cushions arranged in rows, which were originally arranged on pedestals and optionally connected to storage surfaces.


Now the programme has been further developed. Jalis21 with its visually accentuated contours has been given softer upholstery and more volume overall. The divan design of the lush cushion shapes invites you to seek cosy relaxation, less in the distance and more in the home that is close by. Upholstered cushions with armrests on the right or left, corner elements and free-standing stools create easy chairs, sofas or entire lounging landscapes. As if made for listening to tales from the Arabian Nights, which, as we all know, never end.

Let yourself be inspired by the new products for 2021. Take a seat on the Jalis21, which is close to the floor, get the Farmer Chair in the garden or use the extendable Delta table in many different ways.

Sometimes a table cannot be large or long enough – there are many examples. When people are concentrating on their work or discussions place, plans or games are spread out or food and drinks are served in a large group. Whatever you have in mind, the...

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