FLACE and COR in Tokyo

FLACE’s new contract sales showroom is also the perfect space to exhibit and experience COR’s high quality seating furniture in Japan’s capital Tokyo.

The creative guideline for the new hub, presented in a coexisting showroom and workspace, was to interprete “the relationship between land, material and textures”. To distinguish the three areas FLACE used contrasting wall finishes, each representing and being sourced from a different geographical area in Japan. The materials used are Aluminium, Timber and Stone. The walls, flooring and ceiling details synchronise to create an attractive contrast between space and furniture. COR and FLACE/ACE Creation & Distribution cooperate in the contract and retail business, supplying clients like renowned banks and companies.

ACE Creation & Distribution 
3F Hibiya Bldg, 1-1-1 Shinbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, JAPAN

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm 

With the Farmer armchair, COR is entering the finals of the German Sustainability Award Design 2022. We would like to thank the jury of experts who nominated products and visions wich are outstanding examples of sustainable design. Looking forward to...

Thinking and acting sustainably has been an integral part of our corporate DNA since the day the company was founded. We focus on the durability and quality of our products and the associated conservation of resources. We have done a great deal over...

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