Delta tables grow with their requirements

Sometimes a table cannot be large or long enough – there are many examples. When people are concentrating on their work or discussions place, plans or games are spread out or food and drinks are served in a large group. Whatever you have in mind, the Delta table now simply grows with you, to over three metres in its longest version.

The new sides of its always elegant silhouette unfold the solid wood furniture in the truest sense of the word. If the front section is pulled slightly forwards, a wing-shaped intermediate element unfolds that blends almost invisibly into the overall appearance of the grain – a functional equation with the most beautiful results. 

Let yourself be inspired by the new products for 2021. Take a seat on the Jalis21, which is close to the floor, get the Farmer Chair in the garden or use the extendable Delta table in many different ways.

Lasting seating comfort and relaxation, even at the counter or bar? For the high art of sitting, the sumptuously upholstered Alvo chair by the designer duo Jehs+Laub has now been further developed and designed as an extremely comfortable bar chair.

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