Closer together: Mell Lounge upholstered couch

So-called love chairs such as Avalanche have wider proportions and allow you to snuggle up together. If you prefer a horizontal position, choose the new upholstered couch from the Mell Lounge sofa range (depth 120 x 190 cm); an additional upholstered cushion increases the seating comfort even more.

Now all you have to do is close your eyes and simply dream away the day. This works not only for two, but just as well on your own. The recamier can be used as a stand-alone piece of furniture as well as a complementary component of complete seating and lounging landscapes.

Let yourself be inspired by the new products for 2021. Take a seat on the Jalis21, which is close to the floor, get the Farmer Chair in the garden or use the extendable Delta table in many different ways.

Sometimes a table cannot be large or long enough – there are many examples. When people are concentrating on their work or discussions place, plans or games are spread out or food and drinks are served in a large group. Whatever you have in mind, the...

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