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COR, the seating furniture manufacturer founded in 1954, has specialised in product developments and customised solutions for the contract sector for around 15 years. Market shares in the contract business are growing, the new furniture collection COR LAB is on tour.

To begin with, there was a large order and seating furniture called Elha as a custom-made product for Lufthansa. Today, COR is regarded as a productive specialist in the contract sector, with architects and builders profiting from its efficiency. In the contract business, which is a competitive market segment, it has established itself as a comparatively small but competitive niche provider. As in the home sector, the modern manufactory also impresses here with its design and quality. Its market shares in the contract sector are growing because COR fulfils project-related requirements with great flexibility and speed – a decisive competitive factor. "Unlike industrial manufacturers, we can customise and specify individual pieces of furniture and complex furnishings to a large degree. 'Premium' in form and production applies throughout – in both private and public spaces," explains owner Leo Lübke. The multi-configurable contract furniture Affair and Scope developed in 2010 and 2011 are considered milestones in the constantly growing portfolio. Developed continuously (and now even copied by competitors), this upholstered furniture can be found in commercial properties worldwide, including Google, Motorola, SAP and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Forty Floater sofas are currently being produced for the New York headquarters of the global management consultancy, and further PWC locations are also to be equipped with the worklounge furniture.

In autumn 2017, six individually combinable pieces of furniture were created to combine homely comfort with professional functionality, the worlds of "living and working". Under the motto "Let's work together", this COR LAB collection is now also touring as a roadshow for contract furnishers. New market shares are to be opened up in Germany, as well as in exports, particularly in the USA and Asia. As in previous years, contract business continued to increase in 2017. It currently accounts for 17 percent of total sales. In addition to high flexibility in the product area, COR also offers state-of-the-art services in the digital area: Since 2016, its planning data portfolio for contract furniture also includes the Revit data format, which visualises and updates drafts, alterations and adaptations in real time.

COR LAB roadshow: new furniture for collaborative zones

Following the international market launch at the imm cologne 2018, COR is sending its new furniture collection for integrated working environments on tour. The modular exhibition concept is already being used successfully in Switzerland by Schoch Werkhaus AG. The COR LAB Roadshow will continue to be shown in Germany, as well as in the UK and in smaller versions or individual exhibits in the USA and in the Asia-Pacific region. Level and Bridge (bench and table), the room divider system Chart, the peripheral furniture Bond, the sofa Floater and the Drop stool elements are innovative individual designs that can be combined as an ensemble or as individual pieces with other furniture. Product development was also collaborative, with four design teams working together to implement the individual designs. COR LAB furniture can be seen in association with the START UP WEEK from April 13 to May 18 at Deutsche Bank in Düsseldorf's Königsallee "Kö Working" is a presentation format of the contract furnisher and COR partner designfunktion Rheinland, which brings together leading brands for the furnishing of new working environments. COR believes that these have to be functional but also comfortable to live in. "Because in the contract segment it is still the subject that counts," says Berthold Strüve, head of marketing at COR.

Tour schedule COR LAB 2018
11 April to 15 May: Gärtner Internationale Möbel, Hamburg
28 May to 23 June: Designfunktion Berlin
28 June to 13 August: Designfunktion Munich
17 August to 24 September: Designfunktion Bonn
28 September to 12 November: Designfunktion Aschaffenburg

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