A real COR: Shrimp impresses both aesthetically and functionally.

An easy chair with the relaxed character of a lounge chair.

Because it is so beautiful, Shrimp comes in two different versions: as a lounge chair and as a cocktail chair. It succeeds playfully in structuring large spaces such as lofts, or in providing that certain something in smaller rooms. With its clear-cut silhouette it certainly draws glances wherever it is. Its elegance results from flat cushions and a bentwood shell which has a particularly fine appearance thanks to its side recesses. But it's when you sit down that you really experience Shrimp for what it is: an easy chair where you don't sink in, but can relax while perfectly supported.

Every freedom.

The ergonomically shaped seat shell is made of reinforced bentwood veneered in oak or walnut or lacquered. Inside it can be covered with fabric or leather.


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Shrimp fits perfectly