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Conseta is not only a sofa programme but also an add-on programme offering countless possibilities. Elements of different shapes and sizes combined with a choice of armrests give plenty of scope to explore configurations to fit every room. Various styles of armrest and of carcass widths and a choice of cushion fillings give birth to a wide range of design solutions.

Do you have a special request? If you need specific or shorter measurements or want special fittings for your Conseta which we do not offer as standard, no problem — almost anything is possible. Ask your COR furniture dealer.

What makes Conseta a classic?



Timelessness and at the same time modernity. And to keep it that way, we are constantly developing Conseta, adding to it and improving it. For example, with a new square upholstery element that turns every Conseta combination into a cosy lounger.

Floating elegance


The open-base 16 cm wide armrest makes our design classic appear even more elegant.


New since 1964

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You could also call this sofa a “milestone”. If it didn’t sound so uncomfortable.

Many sofas move with the times. This one does it with timelessness.

Optional footrest and adjustable headrest

The Conseta principle

Download here the guide to your individual Conseta configuration.

Designed for the future.

In the early nineteen sixties, Friedrich Wilhelm Möller developed a pioneering upholstered furniture system. Conseta – a name derived from the Latin consedere, which means “sit together”– offered modular flexibility while being as adaptable as a chameleon. It was and continues to be the perfect symbiosis of a holistic system. Over the decades, Conseta grew quietly but powerfully into an international bestseller and a design classic.


You want to know more details? Here you will find comprehensive product information including specifications, dimensions, types and variants.

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